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DIGITAL PAINTING allows the client to save up to 75% of what it would cost the artist to paint traditionally.


Digital painting cuts the creation time down significantly. An artist no longer needs to buy paints, brushes, or a canvas. A considerable amount of cost can add up when accounting for the cost of supplies and the artist's time. If the price is not a factor, traditional painting is an available option to choose.

 If it is not a traditional painting, the work can be printed on an array of quality materials. The materials range from acid-free archival papers, wood, metal, canvas, and acrylic. A detailed pdf/list of materials and portrait sizes available upon request.

Tarajosu can work in a varying degree of styles. Depending on the clients choice, the look can range from realism to what you'd expect from comic book cover art or a combination of all the styles Tarajosu can create.

If you have any questions about the process of getting a portrait started or any other inquiry, please email or fill out the form below. 

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For clarification, none of these portraits viewed on this page are for sale. Clients commissioned some of the featured paintings. Other paintings shown here were studies. The purpose of this Portrait Page is to inform potential clients that they can have their or another person's portrait commissioned. It also serves the purpose to show examples of what their paintings could look like in regards to style.