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Documenting Italian artist Alice Pasquini in Amsterdam.

January 2019. Artist Alice Pasquini had a gallery showing in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In these screengrabs, Alice is prepping work a showpiece for the gallery.

With Co-Labs, I was documenting the trip and Alice for ten days.

The gear I am using is the ZCAM E2 4K cinema camera. The lens I ended up using the most is the versatile F1.8 18-35mm Sigma Art Lens. I also had the 50-100mm Sigma Art Lens as well as a vintage rehoused Helios 44-2 lens from IronGlassAdapters with an anamorphic bokeh adapter. It gives the ovular shaped bokeh in the background simulating the anamorphic look without the flare or the aspect ratio.

It was my first time using the camera, so it was a learning curve that happened quickly. All of the images were exposed with a histogram using the ETTR (Expose To The Right) method. Using a LUT (Look Up Table) in the monitor helps as well when exposing using the ETTR method. The LUT itself forces you to bring more light into unto the sensor to expose the image properly. The H.265 codec was the right enough quality and had a 10-bit color space, which is good enough for color-correction or color-grading. I could have shot in ProRes 422, but that codec has large file sizes and would require more storage for the footage. Shooting in RAW was out of the question. RAW would have used 256 GB in just 24 minutes of shooting.

This video is currently is still in post-production using Adobe Premier. Eventually, I will start using Davinci Resolve for editing and color grading once I am proficient enough in that software.

I will have more posts about the Amsterdam trip soon.

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