motion, editing, cinematography, storyboarding

Currently Tarajosu is using Adobe Premier and After Effects for video editing and motion graphics. Tarajosu is currently learning Houdini FX for more advanced motion graphics and Davinci Resolve for color grading. Storyboarding is also one of Tarajosu's strengths. 



Murals can create a profound impact on society and can change the spaces they are in, creating conversation, inspiration, and connectivity. 

& illustration


The Process

For Portraiture: The client has the option to send a photograph/reference material via email. If the client's budget allows, Tarajosu can coordinate a photoshoot to ensure that the photograph/reference captures the correct lighting and pose that embodies the story/concept the client wants to showcase.

The photograph on the left is the reference material the client sent via email.  After discussing the concept, colors, and ideas, she wanted to have in the portrait, and we arrive at the final work shown.

(LEFT) This image is zoomed in to show the detail of the eye.

High-resolution photos are preferred. However, this picture with low resolution was all the client had to send.

They weren't able to locate the original photograph.


(RIGHT) The image showcases the level of detail Tarajosu was able to bring back into the portrait where it still looked like the client. 


Tarajosu can work in a varying degree of styles. Depending on the clients choice, the look can range from realism to what you'd expect from comic book cover art or a combination of all the styles Tarajosu can create.





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