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Photoshoot with Oliver J. Pro

Nilsa and I were models for Oliver J’s upcoming project. I picked up my Canon EOS-M to capture a few moments when I wasn’t being photographed. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I wasn’t recording in Magic Lantern RAW, but instead with the camera’s default h.264 video mode. RAW mode always me to manipulate the footage better and record in 2.5k resolution instead of the native 1920x1080. I may have overdone it with the grain and noise. I aim to share more moments related to the creative process. This is one of those that don’t make it on Tik-Tok or Instagram. This isn’t “portfolio” work; however, I am going to delve more into cinematography. The Canon EOS-M is a $140 camera from 2012. I use the current Magic Lantern build, which “hacks” the camera and allows more functionality making this a cute cine-camera.

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